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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Backache - Commonest problem in our daily life

Backache is a common problem and it is on rise due to life style we are living in. People are often seen visiting doctors with this problem. Common among the elderly earlier, this lifestyle ailment has now spread to This article is dedicated to all those who fight the perils of bad back in their daily lives
Causes of back pain
In the present scenario, 80% of people suffer from backaches though the causes for all of them vary. Some of the common causes being:

• Age factor: Back pain is common in people above the age of 50. Females are more prone to be affected as age grows. This is due to easy degeneration of vertebral joints called Lumbar Spondylitis.
• Pregnancy: Pregnancy changes the normal lumbar curvature. This results in mechanical stressing of lumbar spine.
• Kidney problems: Renal calculi (stones), kidney infection or injury to kidney can lead to backache. Mostly the pains are spasmodic in nature.
• Gynecological problem: Dysmenorrhea (pain during periods), ovarian cyst, uterine fibroid can cause backache. Gynecological examination confirms this.
• Improper posture:
 Prolonged sitting on computers.

 Long driving hours
 Long standing jobs
 Improper posture while sitting, standing, moving which results in stressing of back muscles which further leads to back pain.
Gen Now is more susceptible to back problems simply because they inadvertently abuse their bodies by over doing their work or by neglecting the benefits of physical exercises.
• Obesity: Extra weight around the belly can put extra pressure of vertebral joint which may be a main cause for backache.
• Wrong exercising: Every individual is different and no two individuals have equal muscular structure to do the same work or exercise. So it gets very imperative to warm up the body before specific stretching exercise. Exercising without warm up can result in severe backache.

• Lumbar Radiculopaty: It is a nerve irritation that is caused by damage to the discs between the vertebrae.

Damage to the disc occurs because of degeneration ("wear and tear") of the outer ring of the disc, traumatic injury, or both. As a result, the central softer portion of the disc can rupture (herniate) through the outer ring of the disc and damages the spinal cord or its nerves as they exit the bony spinal column. In case of disc involvement pain usually get severe in sitting position.
• Degeneration of ligament of joints. This occurs due to
 Increasing of Age
 History of injury or jerk
 In females after menopause
 Deficiency of calcium; condition commonly called osteoporosis

The treatment depends on the precise cause of the lower back pain. Moreover, each patient must be individually evaluated and managed in the context of the underlying background, health status and activity level.

Tips to avoid Lower Backache
1. Avoid smoking as it decreases oxygen supply to muscles
2. Maintain right posture:
 Always sit with proper back support.
 Lift up your body in side lying position from bed, always on knees.
 Avoid continues sitting.
3. Avoid high heels: High heels change the level of center of gravity of the body.
4. Proper dietary intake of calcium and Vitamin for whic milk and milk product and certain amount of exposure to sun are the best sources.
5. Exercise is the most vital aide in treating and avoiding back pain but wrong excercises can deteriorate the condition so always exercise under proper medical attention.
6. Fluid intake should be increased. Consumption of plenty of water helps to solve problem of backache where in constipation or renal stone are the cause. But one should avoid hard drinks and aerated beverages.
7. Handle stree- physical and psychological tactfully.
8. Avoid any condition where pain gets severe by movement or prolonged sitting and forward bending.
9. Never ever avoid a simple backache it may get worse one day. Immediately consult the doctor before it’s too late.
10. Always consult an expert or qualified practitioner only.

What is SLRT?
SLRT is Straight Leg Raise Test and is used to perform to detecting any nerve involvement in case of a backache. It starts with following procedure:
Patient is asked to lie down on back. The trained person will ask him/ her to raise both legs alternately. If the pain is aggravated by raising the leg above the level of 70 degree flexion of hip (lifting of leg), then it is indicative of the involvement of a very important nerve of lower limb named sciatic nerve. This condition is commonly termed as Sciatica.
Aim of Physiotherapy in case of Backache:
1. To improve mobility of spine.
2. To strengthen the muscles.
3. To relieve pain.
4. To relieve stiffness.
5. Improving the posture.
6. Improving the circulation.
7. Preventing recurrence of problem.
8. Mobilizing all joints of spine

Dr Gaurav Chadha, a young physiotherapist caters to many cases everyday with this tormenting ailment. Starting his clinic in 2007, Dr Gaurav has since then been an efficient and dynamic professional dedicated to te cause of curing his patients of back ailments.

With qualities of a true doctor catering to healthcare with all sincerity, Dr Gaurav has been lending his services at minimal affordable charges for a rehabilitation centre since 2005 and continues doing that.

Apart from a BPT Degree, Dr Gaurav Chadha has to his credit a number of valuable degrees namely- Diploma in sports medicines, PG in geriatric care and PG in ergonomics and workplace management.



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