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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bajaj Auto’s Rajiv Bajaj Adapts Homoeopathic Principles in Business

An interesting email from my dear friend Dr R. Valavan has forced me to put this one in my blog.

Interviewer: The Bajaj Auto website says that your “current priority is the application of the scientific principles of homoeopathy to the task of building a brand-centered strategy at Bajaj Auto with the objective of achieving its vision of being one of the world’s leading motorcycle and small commercial vehicle manufacturers.” Would you explain the reference to homeopathy a bit?

Rajiv Bajaj: Homeopathy is based on the concept of individualization where the doctor looks at the person and not just the problem that he might be having. I found the concept of individualization very applicable to business. Contrary to looking at things piecemeal, like the blind men and the elephant, I found that if one looks at things more holistically as homeopathy does, one is likely to achieve far deeper solutions and solutions that are sustainable over time.

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