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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fathers-to-be suffer from pregnancy pain too ANI | May 25, 2011, 03.55pm IST

A quarter of expectant fathers have claimed that they too go through their own nine-month ''pregnancy symptoms' like mothers-to-be.

According to the Pampers study, modern men have become so closely involved with their partner's pregnancy that 23 per cent report emotional and physical changes often associated with women.

The research found they become more emotional, "weepy", and suffer mood swings, nausea and even phantom pregnancy pains.

Fathers-to-be involved in the study also reported cravings for bizarre food combinations.

Experts said, "The strange phenomenon is due to the emotional upheaval men also go through during their partners pregnancy and more of them attending antenatal classes and scans."

"Many fathers-to-be are overwhelmed by the prospect of becoming a father and need support and reassurance during their partner's pregnancy," the Daily Mail quoted Professor Mary Steen, who works as a consultant for Pampers, as saying.

"The expectant mother will always be the main focus during any pregnancy but it is important to recognise how pregnancy can affect the expectant dad," Steen added.

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