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Thursday, February 23, 2012

What are symptoms of Allergy and what is Allergic Rhinitis ? Is this is only Nasal Allergy? What are Allergic Rhinitis symptoms ? How to treat Allergy and what are the best treatment for Allergic Rhinitis

What are symptoms of allergy and what is allergic rhinitis ? Is it only nasal allergy? What are allergic rhinitis symptoms ? How to treat allergy and what are the best treatment for allergic rhinitis in natural way ???

About 40-50 millions of people suffer from allergy in America alone, this list is endless if considered globally and here I like to convey something specific on allergic rhinitis which is type of nasal allergy and this article focuses on natural treatment for nasal allergy or allergic rhinitis.

Allergic rhinitis is very severe condition of inflammatory process where person has worse bout of sneezing due to allergy. This can be allergy from dust or smoke or from any animal dander or even simply cleaning your room. It makes the person suffers so badly that it effects his day to day life at times and in other words this makes life a mess for that person ............

If I say how it happen people really will not be interested to know why??? But there concerned person who really wants to know why..... and for them yes I will say people who is suffering or people who is really concerned with him or her will think why ??? To elaborate that in very simple words let me tell you a story......

Suppose your house been attacked by an group anti-social element and you know 10 people and you have asked for help to them and then these good people they tried their level best to take that person out of your house but nothing happens after there efforts and out of your agony u took help of police. Out of frustration seeing no positive outcome then u call up police for help seeing no solution to your problem as what u thought you can do best and you followed your thought. Now your problem is been shared and its problem with the one you ask for help and they wanted you to be out of this agony. Now best thing what they can think is instead of looking for good and bad and as taking your word as you said this is bad ailment they thought that it should be removed as soon as possible even to best of their knowledge keeping in mind for all to not hurt anyone who is not associated and with that keeping your idea that let me you be free of this problem and of-course same thought is there in there mind. Then helpful police desperately kills everyone and damages lot of your important valuables thinking that it can be really damaging and harmful to you and actually they have really created a mess for you never realizing good or bad......................... similarly anti allergen works in similar manner, someway trying to help you and other way not carrying any emotions or feeling what is wrong or right ... So let me know what principle we should work???????????? and most probable answer I get is that answer is remove these effects first in positive manner. Do we get the results then?????

It depends on how you think but we love to read anything that can lead us to solve our problem and biggest question is do you think it provides you solution????????????????

Now let us try to find out solution what can be most common ways to solve this problem is it by correcting in our life style and as I think after seeing around 3000 patients what i feel to make a general control is by doing certain things as I mentioned in points below...

1. Avoid Alcohol - Alcohol may provoke allergies and yes can aggravate asthma and ofcourse too much of intake will always create problems and I have always noticed its problamatic in my patients.

2. Avoid Overeating at night or try to eat early and light dinner - I read it somewhere and that I followed and keep suggesting to all of my patients and yes that really helped them so I truly suggest this point to let sufferer be out of this condition if this works for those of you reading and following the same and I will surely say yes I experience that really lot of patient came out of it following only this point.

3. Regular exercise is very essential and breathing exercises i.e right way of breathing in and breathing out. You can even make your child learn that and for right exercises pattern you really need to consult one who is good in this science (yoga specialist) or drop an email to me I can suggest and help you for solving your problem.

4. Another very important fact and reason for allergy is that the allergies runs common in family and people who are allergic they tend to have problems running in family but let us think how that sufferer can be out of this family inherited sickness ????? And again if we need to find solution, then answer is either that sufferer should be in right medication or general creative ways. If general creative ways then we have to think about breathing exercises, avoiding things which are allergic to that person and concentrate on certain natural manners for which i have already discussed in this article. Think about all those things which are required for making life of the sufferer comfortable and till this time i think its in a way right kind of guidance in brief manner and may help right line of treatment for complete recovery.

What you get to know by what you got from this information and sometime negative projection might let us think in negative manner and here we will not be running in problem to decide wrong and right and hope for you to be benefitted, so try to adopt those what i have suggested then in next article we will discuss about how we can help allergic rhinitis with medicinal management Let us think in positive manner and as we all have very little experience about good life and lets try to make your life or someone from whom you are concerned be comfortable.

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