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Thursday, February 10, 2011

healing of common ailment during childhood

Life turned out to be full of challenges. Stress level is increasing and every time we solve one of the problems next problem is standing in the quo. But truth of life is that it is a challenge and full of problems. Let us try to find out what is problem? If you ask me to define what is problem then I will define it as lack of solution or difficulty to find the solution of a situation.  But in our daily life we come across in different situations where we face different set of difficulties. If however we solve that then we say in simple language that we have solved the problem.

From the moment of birth we have different set of problems and here I am trying to discuss here first with problems related to health which if we try can be solved by us in simple and easy discussion.

Birth and evolution is the law of nature. Each family is as if a breeding centre and institution for rearing and brining up these descending forces in the forms of children. Human babies are the most helpless creations and need various treatments from the very moment of the birth, show various conditions at various stages with regard to course and boundaries, in various forms in the sequence of a flow originating from a definite source of heredity, the knowledge of which offers anticipatory guidance to look up for the levels and prevention. The acute stages and their languages, which are normally expressed as “distress” and ‘symptoms’ of suffering have been set in the discussion suggesting remedial measures in appropriate places. Every witnessing eye at the sight of such distress puts his mind to it; and searches for a device to alleviate them to any degree it can. To answer these problems the basic knowledge with essential matters has been set in the text. Ideal cure is the cure of the whole man. Yet beyond the limitation of rigidity in rules and principle, homeopathy and other natural methods has flexibility that permits relaxations. This comes under right approach the art of healing. If the scope of such relaxation is sparingly availed of in busy hours of our life, many emergencies can be saved, and evantualities averted.
I do not know how much helpful this tiny series will be to the readers; however, I leave it to their judgment or to that of the users.
All healthy criticism which may help to improve mistakes is cordially invited.

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