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Monday, February 14, 2011

Psychological Explanation of some of the commonest state of Life

Psychological explanation of some of the commonest state of Life

Every day we come across certain state which we normally ignore or never give importance. These are very common state and if we can interpret them in correct manner it will definitely help us to sort the bigger problem in smaller way. Here I have tried to give explanation to some of the commonest conditions which we face in every day situation please go through this article and give your useful comments on the same.

Difficult to swallowing – As we see this happens in everybody’s life but if its happening very frequently without any underlying cause this might result in some pathology in later life. This can be explained in following way. Difficulty in swallowing is explained as any situation in the life of a person which he cannot express or cannot forget or in a way we say when the person can’t swallow that situation. Try to see his problem and help him to find the solution to his problem.

Nausea: The patient cannot stomach this or that environmental factor and wanted to express that but he or she cannot do so. So if you listen to the person carefully or let him express his feeling of anger, indignation, and vexation or suppressed desires. You might help him to solve his problem of nausea.

Feeling of oppression in the chest accompanied by sighing respirations: Again in the absence of organic findings, indicates that the person has a load in the chest that he would like to get rid of by talking about his problem. A person who takes things by heart has this feeling. (Common symptom noticed in cardiac arrest).

Anorexia Nervosa ((loss of appetite): He or she is very often emotionally starved just as he is physically starved.

Fatigue: Emotional conflict (sufficient energy is used up that little is left) for particular purpose.

Muscle tension giving aches and pain – Emotional tension of unconscious origin frequently expressed as:
Atypical neuralgia- Focal conflict in (face or arm) the person would like to strike someone but is prevented from doing so by the affection or respect that is mingled with hostility.

Itching - Dissatisfaction with the environment which the individual takes out upon himself by scratching himself instead of someone. Itch starts at mind first and then manifest in the body.

Anxiety is specific un-pleasurable state of tension which indicates presence of some danger in organism.

All gone feeling in the epigastric region (empty feeling in stomach area), shaky legs and even vertigo: Indicates severe kind of anxiety attack and so frequently called a heart attack, gall bladder disturbance, hypothyroidism, neurocirculatory asthenia and hyperinsulinism.

These are few of the observations which I always keep in mind whenever I take case history of any patient. This has helped me in understanding their mind state and if we practice to understand in our daily life this might help you to understand you’re near ones psychiatric state. Any doubt or question if you have can call me or can put your questions in this blog.

Dr Rahul Tewari


  1. Enlightening post, I must say, my dear friend. Keep it up dude.
    God bless you

  2. well written and well expressed.